Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Roasted Pig

This was taken during my nephew Carl's christening. They butchered two home grown pigs to roasts. They had quite a big feast. The christening was attended and celebrated by family, relatives and close friends. Since I live abroad, I got only a picture to drool while looking at it. I don't know first hand how to roast a whole pig but I do know for sure how to eat it. Whenever my father is planning to roast a pig, he will usually hire somebody to do that for us. My brother tried roasting a pig once before and it did not end up properly cooked. When roasting a pig, we usually put spices inside. Usually we only put a big bundle of lemon grass. While serving you can eat it plain, dip it in ketchup or soy sauce with vinegar & red pepper. Hmmm.... yummy!

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